About Us

Who We are

Fabline is committed to operating manufacturing and distribution facilities that treat employees fairly, comply with applicable legal requirements, respect the environment, and make a positive contribution to the communities in which they are located.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fabline has a proud history of environmental leadership and a demonstrated commitment to responsible products and processes. We thoughtfully address this vital issue from all angles, from our manufacturing operations to delivering pre-laundered sheets and terry products that reduce energy consumption to engineering products for a longer service life.

Commitment to Sustainability

We understand the role our products play in the markets we serve as well as the impact that the manufacturing, distribution, and processing our products can have on the environment. These values are reflected in our approach to sustainability, as evidenced by our commitment to operating all elements of our business in a manner that advantageously serves the needs and expectations of future generations to live with clean water and air, responsibly managed forests and oceans, and a habitable climate.


20+ Years Experience


100+ Products


1000+ Happy Clients

Our Clients

We measure progress by our customer's satisfaction; it is therefore an imperative that we continue to improve the quality of products and services we offer.