Manufacturing Solutions Bed, Bath and beyond

For nearly 20 years, Fabline has built a reputation for understanding the unique challenges our customers face and having a keen appreciation for the ever-evolving nature of their business. We’re committed to helping customers succeed. It’s what drives us to continually develop innovative textiles that deliver exceptional value.

Elevate Guest Experiences

Sheeting and pillows that cradle and comfort your guests, lulling them to a rejuvenating slumber. Towels that soothe and absorb, refreshing your guests with a plush and cozy embrace. Robes that pamper and caress, making anytime feel like a relaxing day at the spa.

Castles | Palace | Stately Homes

To discover an unrealized challenge inspires us to learn, create, and continually revolutionize textiles. Our culture of open innovation encourages associates, customers, and partners to work together to create groundbreaking advancements.